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I can’t gush enough on how wonderful this school is! My son struggled through two previous schools before landing here, and it was like day and night on how he transformed. The staff and curriculum is head and shoulders above any school in this area, and the facilities are beautiful and spacious. They made my son feel loved, and gave him the confidence he needs for moving on to Kindergarten in the fall. If anyone needs any information or a reference I’m happy to provide. I can’t thank Ann Marie enough for opening this school in Towaco, it took such a weight off my shoulders to know my son can succeed and confirmed how wonderful we already think he is! Thank you FTKA2!!

Lauren Evans

“Thank you for providing an excellent preschool environment!
Our family cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work, love, and dedication shown towards my daughter, Bella. As a mom returning to the workplace, you gave me and my family the confidence and trust we were looking for in a school. She really loves the teachers, the school and all her friends at Fun Time Kids Academy. Thank you so much!

-Gina Lamontagne


When my daughter Ivana started at FTKA, she had a speech delay and after explaining my situation to everyone, They told me not to worry. As time went on she came home every day with new words as she began to learn the alphabet. Ivana was so attached to me and was crying on the first day when i left her but by the second day she did not want to go home. I am a mom who does not trust anyone with my child, but this place changed my mind. Every teacher is as good as the next and i am so grateful for everything they have done. We feel lucky to have found such a wonderful place for our child and we recommend it without hesitation to all parents who want an enjoyable experience for their little ones.It breaks my heart that i had to move her to a different school. Thank you for everything!

Diana Babicic-Manoilov

 My granddaughter is currently going to this pre-school and she loves it. She was in a different one for 2 years and would cry when her mom would drop her off. From day 1 she has been happy here! Which of course makes us all happy. The owner told my daughter that Briella would be writing her name by the end of the year and within 2 minths she was writing her name and she was 3 years old! She doesnt even realize how she is learning beacause they do things in such fun ways! We just love this place and most important is Briella loves it!!

Donna Paulter Olear

I love that the director of the school is genuinely interested in the academic growth and development of your child.

Meri Petkovska

The first thing I love about this school is the setting: it is on beautiful private grounds and the facility itself is clean, bright, with lots of windows. I feel comfortable leaving my daughter Ella there every morning. I personally observed the teachers and how they take care of my daughter and other children. They are very patient and nurturing. They have plenty of teaching materials and incorporate lessons into play every day. Ella loves the all the extras such as music and library class. Fun Time Kids Academy 2 is my number one choice in the area! Oh, almost forgot – the hot lunch program is delicious and affordable just like the tuition.

Lisa Perry-Rinaldi

Having started preschool this year and only attending half days, three times a week, my 3-year old has learned the sounds of the letters, the days of the week, the months of the year, how to write the letters in his name, counting almost up to 100 and a number of different songs. He comes home telling us about the science projects they’ve done and he even asked me if Martin Luther King, Jr. lived in Lake Hiawatha because we passed a house that looked like one in a book the class read. He loves it.

Heather Valosin

Spacious and clean. Strong academics. My 3 yr old started in Oct and is already writing letters and numbers.

Stephanie Yang

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